Conference Speakers

Jennie C. Stephens
Harvard-Radcliffe Climate Justice Fellow, Professor of Sustainability Science & Policy, Northeastern University

Jennie C. Stephens is a climate justice scholar, activist, and author. She is the Dean’s Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy at Northeastern University in Boston and a 2023-2024 Radcliffe-Salata Climate Justice Fellow at Harvard University. 

In her book Diversifying Power: Why We Need Antiracist, Feminist Leadership on Climate and Energy (Island Press, 2020), she argues that the climate crisis requires diversifying leadership and redistributing wealth and power to move beyond narrow, masculine, technocratic “solutions” toward a more integrated, holistic transformative climate justice approach. Her forthcoming book, provisionally entitled “Climate Justice Universities: Another Education is Possible” (Hopkins University Press) reimagines the transformative potential of higher education to advance climate justice, accelerate fossil fuel phaseout, and support systemic, structural, social and economic change for ecological health and human well-being.