About Us

The Climate Summit 2023 is the leading international conference where business, corporates and policymaker leaders meet to deliver net zero goals

The summit is the leading sustainability and climate-focused gathering where industry, business and government join forces to drive forward the ESG, biodiversity and circular economy agenda. Dublin’s strategic position ideally places the city to be the forum where thought leaders can exchange ideas and deliver a carbon neutral future. It also provides a space for businesses to showcase their sustainability credentials. The summit facilitates leadership discussions and initiatives for corporates and SMEs on their journey to carbon neutrality.

2023 has been the most alarming years to date for the planet with record dangerously high temperatures in vast swathes of the world, unsustainably high ocean temperatures and further damage to our biodiversity. The time and space to implement the necessary changes ahead of 2030 and 2050 are tightening with no room for error. Governments must drive the agenda but it's clear that the task of reducing emissions must be core to business and corporates.

The issue of climate change and the net zero imperative must remain top of the agenda. At The Climate Summit 2023 we bring together the leaders setting the sustainability agenda for the next decade, and the entrepreneurs they see creating the solutions.

Our Team
Stephen Rae

Stephen Rae, Principal

Principal at The Climate Summit is Stephen Rae who organised the first summit in 2020. A former Group Editor-in-Chief at INM, Ireland’s largest media group, Stephen recognised that Ireland’s unique transatlantic position made it the ideal location to promote the climate crisis and sustainability agenda. A member of the Supervisory Board of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, he has also served on the board of the World Editors Forum. He is the Europe Director of Callaway Climate Insights, the global sustainability and climate change business intelligence publication, based out of San Francisco, NYC and Dublin.

Contact: srae@kobn.ie

David Callaway

Dave Callaway, Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor at the The Climate Summit is David Callaway. David is Editor-in-Chief of Callaway Climate Insights, the leading climate and sustainability business intelligence site based out of San Francisco and NYC. He is a former President of the World Editors Forum, former Editor-in-Chief of USA Today and founding managing editor of Dow Jones MarketWatch. More recently David was CEO of TheStreet Inc.



Gillian Fitzpatrick, Marketing Lead

Gillian Fitzpatrick leads out the marketing operations at The Climate Summit. Gillian brings market-leading knowledge of the B2B media landscape and is available to deal directly with the summit sponsors and partners.

Gillian was previously Chief Commercial Officer at Maximum Media, a former Director of Storytelling at Sheology Digital, and a former Features Editor at the Irish Daily Mail. Gillian was Commercial Director at Communicorp prior to the group’s sale to Bauer Media.

Contact: gillian@boltermedia.ie



Judy Maguire, Event Director

As Event Director at The Climate Summit, Judy brings more than two decades experience in developing and executing high profile events.

She brings her experience of event management, creative direction and corporate communications to deliver the annual summit. Judy established her reputation for creative innovation and attention to detail across a variety of sectors including the financial services, property, medical, pharma and professional services sectors. Judy is available to deal directly with the summit logistics and delivery.    

Contact: judy@procomm.ie